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Naceena Salteris
08 May 2011 @ 08:44 am
Seams that my husband doesn't care that it's mother's day unless it's his mother. He went fishing yesterday around 3pm and stayed out all night. What am I suppose to think when you don't tell me where your going to fish, won't answer your phone or text messages?! Seriously it's becoming increasingly clear that you feel your alone time is more important then anyone else's. It's just seriously disheartening that you say what I want to do is fine. See what happens when Father's day comes around. I'll make sure your alone and have nothing special. You didn't even appreciate your birthday presents. I want my heart back from you because you are not taking care and loving it. I wish you could see the pain I hide from you. Why do I continue to bother with trying with you? I guess asking you to spend time with your kids and let me go out and do something I want without our kids is just too much. Punishment for wanting to start running in the mornings before you go to work, and yesterday for going to get dresses (took only 30min, topa) gives you the right to spend almost 24hrs "fishing". I'm heart broken that you do this and don't see what you do to your family. You won't see til it's too late.
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Naceena Salteris
26 August 2010 @ 12:04 pm
I had thought Donovan had had some major meltdown tantrums over some small things... what's for dinner, going to bed, taking a bath... BUT A BOOK, REALLY?!?! Yesterday he said one story then changed his mind and picked a different one. I told him to put it in his backpack to take to school so it didn't get forgotten in the morning. This morning getting in the car he has a different book in his hands forgetting his backpack in the house. Driving to preschool about half way there what does he do, changes his mind.... AGAIN!!! Well I told him he could pick the book in his hands or the one in his bag. " NO I WANT TOY STORY ".

Get to preschool and I finally had it. I took his backpack, took out the book he had there, had to pull him out of the car and lock his door and my door, locking in his other book in the process, so I could get baby girl out. While getting little princess out of her seat Donovan thought it was the BEST idea to run around to the street side of the car. Bags and baby in hand I took Donovan by the upper arm took him into the preschool. Thankfully Jamie met me at the desk and took Eliza to her class for me so I could deal with Mr. Tantrum from hell. I ended up taking him to his teacher who is an angel and held him til I was out of the building. I'm sure he was in time out until he calmed down. It wasn't even his turn to bring a book to preschool. ARGG!!

NOW, my back hurts, I have a headache, My thumb had stopped hurting, and I now have no energy to clean house. Seriously all that energy wasted on one tantrum over a book. What a waste!! *Sigh*

Too much to do and just want a good adult drink... Cause all I want to do is scream.
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Naceena Salteris
26 June 2009 @ 10:27 pm
Ok for those of you who haven't heard, I had by second baby on May 25th. Her name is Kathryn Elizabeth Grace. Born at 1:47am and was 7lbs 9.8oz (10 oz) 20 3/4 inches long. She does have reflux which she is on meds for. She is doing very well and is now one month old. Donovan is adjusting well and is in preschool. The unpacking is coming along at not sure a fast speed but it is getting done. Well its time for bed and relaxing.

Naceena Salteris
06 May 2009 @ 12:11 am
so I'm 36 weeks pregnant (as of monday) and guess what.... the swelling from last time is back. Its uncomfortable to walk. Hopefully it will go down tonight. Just tired and want the discomfort to go away.
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Naceena Salteris
OK so most of you know that my baby shower this time around DIDN'T happen at all. Why one may ask, because the person who stated they wanted to throw it DROPPED the bloody ball big time. They couldn't even get the balls to say that they couldn't, didn't want to, or wouldn't. That would have been very helpful and extremely less hurtful. NOW, IF I have been a BITCH about it that would be one thing... but I wasn't. Was very easy going about it, didn't care where or when tell me where to go and I would have been there. Even offered my place for the shower so less money would have been spend.
I left to visit family and get married in Dec and returned on Jan. Then we found out that we were going to be moving and I kept her in the loop about all of this. So, I wonder what part of VISITING for Christmas and COMING BACK was misunderstood???
SO, now we have movers coming next Thursday and Friday and we will be leaving more then likely Next Saturday. SO to the person (not person's because the other was offered through the first) YOU PISSED ME OFF AND REALLY ANNOYED THE ROYAL FUCK OUT OF ME.
So, yea very pissed about it and truly hurt and had DEJA VU all over again... but sadly this time there was no one to step in and salvage it.
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Naceena Salteris
11 April 2009 @ 11:52 am
Seriously when it gets close to time for little girl to be born someone PLEASE be there to watch little man so I don't have to deal with my Mother In Law... I don't hate her, I just really do not get along with her and don't want her alone with my son. Anyone please come out to Mississippi and after we come home we can go out or something but I really don't want to count on her.
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Naceena Salteris
24 March 2009 @ 10:12 pm
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Naceena Salteris
17 March 2009 @ 07:31 pm
Now I get to try and find replacement cords, the red, white and yellow trio, and then the pliers to fix the tv... *sigh* what happened to just turning the damn thing off... we have up graded to pulling the whole damn thing off the stand. Thankfully Donovan is okay, got his ass spanked big time, but he is okay. He is being sent to bed early for his actions as part of his punishment as well. He broke the yellow attachment so now add fixing the tv to the list of things that need to be done.
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Naceena Salteris
17 March 2009 @ 07:25 pm

That episode of Ice Road Truckers should be interesting.


Well it did "erupt".


People who hunt from planes or helicopters should be hunted down and shot the same way.
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Naceena Salteris
05 March 2009 @ 12:49 pm
We move at the end of this month... can we say, stop putting so much on the preggo person. I'm taking classes online, cleaning house... add take pictures of everything in the house for proof we did have it if it gets "lost" or damaged, write down what things are (i.e. dragons, swords, movies, computer stuff), make a list of things going in the truck for the drive down, pack up clothes that can't be worn or not going in the truck, and just about everything else. *head hitting wall* turned in my two weeks notice, and little man's notice of last day. Its sad that he will not be in pre-school and will be at home all the time when we move, but I will find a park that he can play at an hopefully make new friends. Okay going to find lunch and then get on the task of taking photos. JOY! *head hitting the wall*
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